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Banksy, and Joshy (alpaca)
Nocturne and Hettie
Avatar being a rocket ship
Training to do a Llama lawn parade
Kenzie and Jovi, with Llama weanlings Durango, Donkey and Darius
Xian, the beautiful
Baby Durango with aunty Lulu, and Jovi
Boomer giving a kiss to Gifta
Boomer, Jovi and Durango
Shottie with Princess Luna
Queen Elsa and Princess Elestia
Princess Elestia
Jovi and Cousin Tayla, giving Princess Elestia a Hug
Halter training Jarli
Aurora wanted to be in the photo with Chevy and I
Loki and Gifta
Jovi and Jarli
Chevy and I
Loki and Chevy
Aurora and I
Jovi and Aurora
Some of My Girls
Princess Aurora, Quazimelda and Tinkerbelle
Each girl has there own page. Click on there name or there photo. Girls at the top, and boys are below them.
Below those are all the Llama's that have previuosly lived here, as well as the Xbred ones.

Aurora has massive eyes
Queen Elsa
Itty bitty
Quazimelda is a gorgeous spotty girl
My Stud male Spex
Future stud male Xian Suri llama
Future stud male
Previous Llamas That have lived here.
These Llama's below, I no longer own, but so much love for them over the years i owned them, Ive decided to leave these pages up, just to show the differences in Alpacas Vs Llamas, and what you can get when you cross the 2!
Welcome baby Alpama. Alicias daughter Kismet
And Reyne kisses Kismet.
Cherokee 3 months with his alpaca playmates ( various ages)
click on the pic or name below for there own page.
The Pure Llama Girls
        Altaria             Jirachi               Alicia        
The pure Llama Boys  
Cherokee                 Hidalgo   
And the Alpamas below,
Mesprit in front is pure alpaca, and back left is Swablu and right is Azelf
L-R Azelf, Lillian and Dayna (alpacas)
Left is Mesprit, right is Azelf
Pictured here is Azelf, she is a suri alpama from Jirachi and Chimu, pic here before and after shearing Oct 2011. Age 8 months old.
Swablu is from Altaria and Jareth, b4 an after shearing.
Size comparison, Altaria next to Lainey who is a yearling suri female alpaca left, and right is Jirachi next to sarah both full grown adults.


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