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  This page is still in the making, but will show the process from Alpaca to product.


Jareth in full fleece,- shorn fleece in bag

Jareths fleece spun into yarn ( thats how many skeins i got from his very large fleece!, and knitted into a V neck top! ( modelled by my lil sis Tahlia) This top only used 2.5 skeins so I have plenty left over to make something else!

Below is Leopard!

Leopard in full fleece, being shorn, then fleece in bag,

Spun into very shiny and colourful yarn.

and then into a scarf!

and another scarf, this one is a cool twisty one!

Below is Chariotte

Her fleece is classed as Rose Grey, and below made into skeins.

So shiny!


My very talented friend Lucy made this lovely shawl, from the fleeces of Zena and Zoe (see females page) lovely detailed shawl, with beads. And is super soft and very warm to wear. Lucy is also the talent behind turning the fleece spun into yarn!

A very Talented lady called Wendy, bought a few fleeces and turned some of Kestrels appaloosa fleece into hats for us! ( See Kestrel on the girls and appaloosa pages)

My hat was felted, it is thick an warm, can be rolled up and put in my pocket! And even washed! My Daughters is super pretty, it has little flowers on the front, hard to see in the photo as they blend in the appy wool, and 2 very warm beanies for my sons.


A very talented lady ( Krystal) that bought Rhianna's fleece ( see females page) an turned it into cute teddies!

I talented friend, dyed some suri locks, how cool!!

A lovely customer shared this with me, what she created from some suri fleece she bought from me!


If anyone else has bought fleece from me, an wants to put a photo of the end product on her, please email me!

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