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If your thinking about buying a pregnant female, or want to know more about the breeding aspects of alpaca ownership,  please look at the links I have info for all you will need to know on my for sales page.

R 19.11.15

Baby Bc2 suri for Ramani and KL

N 19.11.15

Baby Bc1 suri for Nadia and Leopard

Charizmo 9.11.15

Charizmo is a Bc3 suri son for Chantoozie freckles and K.L

Avatar (LLAMA) 4.11.15

Avatar is a son for Princess Aurora and Spex

Amabambi 26.10.15

Amabambi is a Bc3 daughter for Ashanti and Tayo

Tyrone 26.10.15

Tyrone is a Bc1 suri son for Teegan and K.L

Fineena 18.10.15

Fineena is a Bc2 suri daughter for Fiorella and Tayo.

Boomerang 10.10.15

Riviera 9.10.15

Riviera is a Bc1 suri daughter for Roz and K.L

Nebula (LLAMA) 5.10.15

Nebula is a Llama


Gerdy is a BC3 daughter for Galliano and K.L


Avalona is a Bc2 suri daughter for Abi and K.L


Livinia is a Bc1 daughter for Labibi Rainbow and Tayo

Enya 5.9.15

Enya is a Bc2 suri daughter for Sweet Esperensa and Tayo

Goran 2.9.15

Goran is a Bc2 Suri son for Galatteo and K.L

Inglebert 5.8.15

Son for Leopard and Incan, Full sibling to Stormy, Sultan, Slater and Dante.

Milani 4.8.15

First daughter for K.L and Mishka is her mummy


Monteous 25.7.15

Son for Moet and Archie

Jemanie 22.7.15

Daughter for Leopard and Jazdia

Lucious 20.7.15

Lazette 10.7.15

F1 suri daughter for Stryker and Lolita

Tubi Tickles 12.5.15

Daughter fir Amstel and Taicheetah

Tate 12.5.15

daughter for Amstel and Tanzy

Maverick 8.4.15

Son for Macaria Glitz, and Amstel

Lulabelle 7.4.15

Daughter for Lillian and Stryker

Nacho 27.3.15

Nacho is a son for Nafaria and Archi

Mr T 26.3.15

Dreamer is a son for Tallara and Stryker


Enoch 23.3.15

Enoch is a son for Ella and Archi

Bonnox 19.3.15

Bonnox is a son for Blaze and Amstel

Chinook 7.3.15

Chinook is a tiny 3 week early premmie for Chevy and Archi.

Mardi Gras 6.3.15

Texta 3.3.15

Texta is a daughter for Tazeal and Amstel

Gunners 2 cuties born at Bluegum alpacas.

Dream come true 1.3.15

Dreamer is a son for Anika and Amstel


Hicki 28.2.15

Daughter for Havianna and Amstel

Strykers Luminita love 21.2.15

Daughter for Stryker and Liliko

17/2/15 Argus

Argus is a Bc2 suri son for Aishta and Archie

14/2/15 happy valentines day baby Talentina spritz

Talentina Spritz is a Bc2 Suri daughter for Tanja Splashes and Archie

12/2/15 Marmaduke

Marmaduke is a Bc3 Suri son for Maroussia and Amstel

These 2 gorgeous babies werent born here, but are Strykers cria so I wanted to share them


and this one is Gunners tiny baby girl!



Jan 18th Kisska

Kisska is a Bc1 suri daughter for Kaliope and Amstel.



Moonstar Maleificant  9th/1/2015

She is a Bc2 daughter for Masquerade and Amstel.

Toobes 31/12/14

Toobs is a Bc2 Suri son for Tamzin and Amstel


Jaybee Dec 21st 2014

Jaybee is a daughter for Jellybean and Leopard. Making her a pure suri.

Nutella  dec 10th

Nutella is a Bc1 suri daughter for Nadine and Amstel

Nutella standing, Starflex sitting. Half sisters.

Tirrian Dec 16th


Tirrian was born from a very very very difficult birth from Teekah, poor baby was delivered by vet, an barely alive, unfortunately we lost him half an hour later, and then lost the mum overnight. Heartbreaking. But they are now together.

Starflex Nov 27

Starflex is a daughter for Neopolitan princess and Amstel. NP had a difficult birth an blamed the pain on the cria, so would not allow her near, not at all, quite dangerous actually. So baby Starflex is also bottle reared, the pair with Joshy are very cute in the herd.

Josh Nov 20

Baby Joshy is a son for Leopard and Julz, making him a pure suri!  she wouldnt allow him to feed, only talked to him, so he is now bottle reared, but with the herd

Raja Nov 19

Raja is a bc1 suri son for Nadia and Amstel

Baby Chazmo Nov 17

First cria for my American male Amstel and mum is Chariotte, he is  bc2 suri

Twister 29/8/14

Twister is a Bc1 suri daughter for Teegan and Leopard.


Spotty Jazz 29/8/14

Spotty Jazz is a pure suri son for Jaffa and Leopard.


Fuzzy butt buffy 24.8.14

Chansy 24.8.14

Chansy is a Bc2 suri daughter for Chantoozie freckles and Archi

Isaac 23.8.14

Isaac is a Bc2 suri son for Imari and Archi

Taffy 16.8.14

Taffy is a bc2 suri daughter for Tanuja spangles, and Archi

Black Rock 1.8.14

Black rock is a Huacaya son for Roz and Archi

Fernandapanda 1.8.14

Fernandapanda is a Bc2 suri daughter for Fiorella and Archi

Sweet Elijah 30.7.14

Sweet Elijah is a Bc2 suri son for Sweet Esperenza and Archi

 Ames 29.7.14

Ames is a Bc2 suri son for Abi and Archi

Alana 27.7.14

Alana is a Bc2 suri daughter for Ashanti and Archi


Gucci 26.7.14

Gucci is a Bc2 suri daughter for Gallateo and Archi


Rizoli 24.7.14

Rizoli is a daughter for Ramani and Archi

Fauna 21.7.14

Fauna is a Bc1 suri daughter for Freya and Archi


Livia 21.7.14

Livia is a Bc1 suri daughter for Labibi and Archi

Olaf 20.7.14

Olaf is a Bc1 suri son for Finlay and Archi

Jamiroqui 15.7.14

Jamiroqui is a Bc2 suri son for Jadzia and Archi


Lazlo 10.7.14

Lazlo is a Bc2 suri son for Lainey and Archi

Lateece 10.7.14

Lateece is a daughter for Lolita and Tekky


Meznar 5.7.14

Meznar is a daughter for Maddy and Archi

Mais'ah 24.6.14

Mais'ah is a Bc2 suri daughter of Mischka and Archi.

Leopards Incan Storm 23.6.14

and now 1 week

Stormy is a Bc3 suri daughter for Incan and Leopard. She is a full sister to Slater, Dante and Sultan.



Azarchi 19.6.14

Azarchi is a huacaya from Anezka and Archi

Mighty stuffy Maximus 26.5.14

Maximus is a huacaya son for Mahla and Archi.

Squeak 2.5.14

Squeak is a Bc2 suri son for Spicey and Silk King


Sudoku 15.4.14

Sudoku is a Bc3 suri daughter for Sadzi and Leopard.

Balthazaar 11.4.14

Balthazaar is a Bc1 suri son for Bonnie and Leopard.


Pascali 27.3.14

Bc1 suri daughter for Pieta and Leopard

Angus 19.3.14

Bc1 suri son for Anika and SK.

Kaleidoscope 4.3.14

Emmy and Kaleidoscope deep in conversation.

Daughter for Kalipso and Tekky.


Tangle 7.2.14

Tangle is a Bc3 daughter for Tanzy and Silk King.

Malibu 7.1.14

Malibu is a Bc1 daughter for Misty Cloud and Silk King

Tonto 3.1.14

Tonto is a massive son for Tamzin and Silk King, he is a Bc2 suri. you can see tiny Ewok in his coat in the background!

Ewok 1.1.14

Ewok is a teeny tiny baby boy, Bc1 suri son for Silky Empress and Leopard, full sibling for Teekah and Emrys.


Reindeer Mike-o 26.12.13

Reindeer Mike-o is a Bc3 suri son for Maroussia and Silk King. His ears are inside out, he is not a Llama.

Jingle 25.12.13

Jingle is a f1 suri daughter for Appaloosa Jaffa and Silk King.


Miloka 17.12.13

Miloka is a Bc2 suri daughter for Miette and Leopard. Full sister to Macaria glitz.

Melody 28.11.13

Melody is a daughter for Merlyn and Tekky.

Nougat 9.11.13

Nougat is a Bc1 suri male, son for Nadine and Leopard, full brother to Neopolitan Princess.

Channing 5.11.13

Channing is a Bc2 suri male son for Chariotte and Leopard, full sibling to Chantoozie Freckles and Chadwick.


Karamella 29.10.13

Karamella is a Bc1 suri daughter for Kaliope and Tayo. Another granddaughter for Leopard.

Thumbelina 25.10.13

Thumbelina is Leopards first granddaughter. She is a Bc2 suri daughter for Tazeal and Tayo. She had a very difficult birth and was hand reared for the first 4 days, but is finally doing well and is fully fed by her mum now.

Masala 21.10.13

Masala is Leopards very first grandchild. He is a son for Masquerade (leopards daughter) and Silk King. He is a bc2 suri.

Nafaria 3.9.13

Nafaria is a Bc1 daughter for Nadia and Leopard. full sister to last years beautiful Napoleon.



Blizzard 25.8.13

Blizzard is a white boy that is developing spots, on his ears and neck so far, he is a Bc2 suri son for Zena, and First cria born here for Silk King.


Leopards Rain Maker 19.7.13

Rainmakers name is suitable, as it was a fine morning and as soon as his toes appeared it flooded with rain for the rest of the day and following day!! He is a Bc1 suri son for Roz and leopard, Full brother to Ruxpin, see previous cria page for his pics.


Tanja Spashes 16.7.13

Tanja Splashes is gorgeous, thrilled with how she turned out, she has a fawn saddle but the rest of her base coat is bright white, her neck spots are really dark, and she has black spots on her nose! She is very inquisitive too which I Love. Tanga is a Bc1 Suri daughter for Teegan and Leopard, full sister to Tanuja Spangles. See previous cria page for her pics, quite similar necks!

Ramona Koala Pants 15.7.13

Ramona is her name, but again my daughter wanted the naming rights and called her Koala pants lol, so she has a long name. Ramona is a Bc2 suri daughter for Ramani and Leopard. Full sibling to Ranger and Ramiro. see previous cria page for there pics

Tinsel Peacock Gorgeous 15.7.13

Tinsel is her name for short, my 4 yr old daughter named her 2nd and 3rd names, lol, So Tinsel is a Bc2 suri daughter for Tressa and Leopard, Full sister to Tahnee and Tickled Pink, See previous cria page for there photos. Spots repeated for 3 years!

Keanu 13.7.13

Keanu is a F1 suri son for Kestrel and Leopard.

Mason 10.7.13

Mason is a Bc1 suri son for Maddy and Leopard, Full sibling to Mishka and Masquerade, see previous cria page.

Liliko 29.6.13

Liliko is a daughter for Lolita and Sparrow.

Moscato 27.6.13

Moscato is a Bc2 daugher for Leopard and Mahla

Lady Leopard ( ella) 5.6.13

Lady Leopard ( knicknamed Ella) is a Bc1 suri daughter for Freya and Leopard. This is one of the most difficult births I have ever had to assist with. Her neck was wrapped around her legs, so Freya had no hope of getting her out. It took me 45 mins to re arrange and get her out. I nearly lost them both. It was so similar to Astekkas difficult birth which I ended up getting the vet for, an by the time they got here, an wasted 1 hour trying to get her out, she died. She looked exactly like this one too. So as soon as I knew Ella was alive, I knew I was going to do it without the vets this time. And I am very proud I managed to save her. Freya was in alot of pain for the rest of the day she couldnt stand, and couldnt pass her placenta, so I had to remove that also. She was on antibiotics, lots of vitamins, Oxytocin and 2 lots of pain releif. I worried I would loose her over night as she still couldnt stand, and I was bottle feeding her baby. But in the morning she was bright and alert, I opened the shed and she raced out to greet her baby, ( which I had inside for the night) and she ate, drank, fed her cria and so far all is good with the pair.

Ella is a full sister to last years Leopard Junior, and the year before was Finnigan. Another interesting mating repeated 3 times, im rapt with the results of all 3! See previous cria page.

Azari 4.6.13

Azari is a Bc2 suri daughter for Anezka and Leopard. She has a couple of splashes of colour on her shoulder, belly and head.


Dante 4.6.13

Dante is a Bc3 suri son for Leopard and Incan Spice. He has a few different colours and different spots on him, very interesting. He is full brother to Incan Slater, and Incan Sultan, See previous cria pages, its quite interesting to see the repeated matings producing 3 boys so very different to each other.


Sunset Sweety 6.5.13

Sunset Sweety was born on sunset, she is a Bc2 suri daughter for Incan Spice and Leopard. Full sister to Surskitt see previous cria page.


Domino 4.5.13

Domino is a beauty! She is daughter for Amelia and Sparrow.


Emaya 21.4.13

Emaya is a Bc1 Suri daughter for Emzlee and Leopard

Cutie/Ixia 20.4.13

Cutie is a F1 suri daughter for Fascination and Leopard. Fascination for the 3rd time has no milk, so has gone onto retirement. And she was being hand reared and died one night at 5.5 weeks old.

Chevelle 11.4.13

Chevelle is an f1 suri daughter for Charmer and Leopard.

Gideon 1.4.13

Gideon also born Easter monday, is a son for Gelly bean and Sparrow.

Aishta 1.4.13

Aishta born early easter monday morning, Bc2 daughter for Abbey and Leopard, full sister to Ashanti.


Taichi Tah 25.3.13

Tai Chi Tah is a Bc1 suri daughter for Tamika and Leopard, Full sister to Teekah see previous cria page.

Gawain 23.2.13 (the white hawk fighter)

Gawain is a Bc3 son for Galliano and Marc Antony. He is white with a light fawn saddle rump area.

Zaros 23.2.13

Zaros is a Bc3 son for Zahra and Leopard

Krull 22.2.13

Krull is a son for Kalipso and Blade.

Lazarus 22.2.13

Lazarus was born late in the avo, a Bc2 suri son for Tayo and Lainey, the night got too cold for him and he died the next morning. Tayo's firs born son, such a sad day.

Sakura 20.2.13

Sakura's a little cutie, huacuaya born from 2 suris. Harley and Sadzia. She has black freckles on her face ears and legs so cute. She started going down hill age 4 days, went to the vets with difficulty breathing and crying, they did 3 x-rays and couldn't find anything wrong with her other than diahhorea and a temp. So she came home on a drip, antibiotics, scourban and vitamins, she skulled her bottle or elecrotlytes, stood up walked a bit, did a wee, then sat with her head in the air, mouth open, struggling to breathe and died 20 mins later. Such a sad sad shame....


Lachie 13.2.13

Lachie is a son for Lexi and Harley. He had a rough entry, as his mum was a maiden and so very tight it took me about 45 mins to re arrange an stretch enough to manage to get his head out. His eyes are abit bloodshot, but other than that, and being a big boofhead, he is fine! Im sure when he was born he had a couple spots, but now dry I can only see some inside his ears.

Kritzle 10.2.13

Kritzle is a daughter for Kya and Blade. She is 2 weeks early, so Is a tiny wee little thing. Super cute tho! Very pleased she is a girl!!

Havianna 10.2.13

Havianna is a F1 suri daughter for Hily and Leopard, she is full sibling to Stryker, Pity theres no spots, but Im rapt she is a girl.

Arnica 3.2.13

Arnica is a Bc1 suri daughter for Anika and Leopard, full sister to incredibly spotty Amaretti Sparkles. Arnika was born with a heart murmour (hole in the heart) and her first week of life was full of over 35 degree days, and it was just too much she passed away age 1 week old.

Avenger 27.2.13

Avenger is a F1 suri son for Avril and Harley. He has some interesting grey marks on his back legs, So Im wondering if he will be a colour change alpaca!


Fergus 23.2.13

Fergus is a Bc2 suri son for Leopard and Finlay. Full brother for Fandango and Fiorella, see previous cria page.


Lleyton 22.2.13

Lleyton is a Bc1 suri son for Loritta and Leopard


Banjo 22.2.13

Banjo is a Bc1 suri son for Leopard and Bonnie.


Sancho 19.2.13

Sancho is a son for Starburst(Baby) and Blade. He is a beautiful colour! and at age 3 months he is turning black at the skin.

Moose 18.2.13


Moose is a purebred Llama, out of Jirachi and Hidalgo.

He has a wry face.. This can be from either mum having an infection during pregnancy, or the genetics of the pairing of both parents. He is sucking well, he has had lots of bottles, and is now on mum, and he can breath perfect from one nostril, and about half of the other nostril. We will just see how he goes!

Mesprit and Harley had a still born daughter 5.2.13, fully formed but born dead 3 weeks early. I don't normally put up photos of stillborns, but this one was so cute, I just had to share how painful it is to loose something so beautiful...

Tequila Sunrise 4.2.13

Tequila is a Bc3 suri son for Tanzy and Marc Antony. He looks dirty but is solid white.


Amazon 2.2.13

Amazon was was such a quick birth I only noticed her mum in labour when the legs were out, Amazon was up and running and drinking within 20 mins! Gotta love births like that.



Bimbiana giraffe ( Bimbi) 23.1.13

Bimbi had a rough start to life, being premmie, and weighing only 4.4kgs, she was so weak she couldnt even hold her head up, nor stand for the first couple of days, So she spent her days with her mum outside, me feeding her hourly, and inside at night. On day 4 she was able to stand, so I would go out an put her under her mum every hour or so, but she was too weak to try for long. Eventually now 12 days later she is finally drinking from mum and not me anymore. She is still on antibiotics as she has watery eyes for some unknown reason. Last pic is her today 12 days old.

Chokito 22.1.13

Chokito is a son for Chamois and Blade.



Moet 17.1.13

Misty cloud went into labour on a 42 degree day, by 8.30pm still nothing showing, so went in but couldnt get the head unwrapped, so called the vet 9.30pm Moet was born, her head was wrapped around one leg. She was up and feeding by 11pm, However the next day, when she stood noticed her legs, gave her 24 hours, and they are healing themselves, so were in a bad spot in the womb, and her tendons are getting stronger daily, and she will have perfect legs any day now! Moet is a full sister to Maroussia, Bc1 suri daughter for M.C and Leopard.


Bandicoot 10.1.13

Bandicoot was born via an emergency c section, his mum is Breezer, and dad Leopard. Bandicoot when pulled out snapped his umbilical cord off too close to be clamped properly, so it had stopped bleeding when the vets left, but opened up again thru the night and he bled to death. Poor Breezer is still healing, after going thru all of that she then had a prolapse trying to get the placenta out. She is now 17.1.13 back with the herd, still on antibiotics and pain relief, as well as numerous other vitamins, yakult etc, and is walking and eating with the herd. She should hopefully make a quick recovery, but can never be bred from again. 

Emrys 5.1.13

with my daughter and his mum.

Emrys is a Bc1 suri with some spots on his neck, tho they look faded now, he is a full brother to last years Sweet Esperenza. Son for Silky Empress and Leopard.


Makka 28.12.12

Makka is a F1 suri son for Myst and Blade.

Tarantino 21.12.12

Tarantino is the first cria for Marc Anthony, his mum is Tamzin. He is a Bc2 suri male.

wow its been a whole month since a new cria,

here is Lucky 18.12.12  Now his name is Levi!

now 2 days

I just happened to drive in the driveway at the right time, and notice Lollipop had a head out that wasn't breathing. I managed to find the legs, and get him out to the shoulder/chest area, and a mass of liquid drained from him, and he took his first breath. Once fully out he was spirting blood from his umbilical cord, so he lost a fair bit of blood, I dashed to the house and back, clamped it, sprayed it an sat him up. He is walking and feeding, but abit lifeless. He is full term in weeks, but his legs are down, so he is showing signs of premminess. Son for Lollipop and Leopard. F1 suri.

Pomeroy 18.11.12

Pomeroy is a Bc1 suri son for Pieta and Leopard. Bit disapointing as he is full brother to last years stunner Apache Princess. (see previous cria page)

Neopolitan Princess 7.11.12

Neopolitan Princess is a Bc1 suri daughter for Nadia and Leopard.

Macaria Glitz 4.11.12

Macaria is a Bc2 Suri daughter for Miette and Leopard. ( her mum is sister to Chadwicks mum)

Chadwick ( nicknamed baby dragon) 3.11.12

Chad is a Bc2 suri son for Chariote and Leopard, full brother for Chantoozie freckles see previous cria page.


Mackenna 2.11.12

day 1day 3

F1 Suri daughter for Merlyn and Leopard


Newest baby, havent had a baby for over 2 months!

This is Baby Bree, (Breeana.) 13.10.12

Bc1 suri daughter for Bridgit and Harley. ( for sale)



L-R Tanuja & Tickled pink, Blanket and mum Lakesha having a nap.

And Blanket, isnt she cute!!!

Jaffar and Napoleon playing together, and Blanket watching.

Jaffar in the air!

neck wrestle

what ya doin?

kiss then bite.

finished playing.


Napoleon 11.8.12

Napoleon in the shed, when let out everyone wants to meet him, go away Ruxpin says Nadine, as Whissla gets closer

running running, falls, gotta get used to these legs!

Napoleon is a Bc1 suri, son for Nadine and Leopard. These pics were within his first 24 hours, he went down hill after that. Was inside for the next day an night with lots of bottles and warmth. He is now back outside with mum, having frequent drinks and improving slowly.

now 1 week old


Jaffar 3.8.12

Jaffar is a son for Jaffa and Sparrow.


Spotted Star Luna, Nicknamed Blanket 14.7.12

Blanket is a very pretty girl, look at that face! She is a pure suri daughter for Lakesha and Leopard. And look at the spots, she has the perfect Appaloosa blanket that is common among Appaloosa horses. Never seen it in Alpacas, So quite impressed with her! She also has a brown strip on one ear. Coat off for the first time today, and she is loving it! So bright white!


Tickled Pink 11.7.12

Tickled pink had a very rough entry into the world, She was not in the right birth position having one leg back and her head down, Vet did a good job getting her out, but for the first 3 days she had a very pink blood stained head and body. So her name is Tickled pink, she has just had her coat taken of today for the first time, and she is loving it. Very lustrous bright white fleece, with quite a few spots all over. She is a Bc2 Suri daughter for Tressa and Leopard. She is full sister to Tahnee see previous cria page.


Ruxpin 9.7.12

Ruxpin is a Bc1 suri, son for Roz and Leopard.

Tanuja Spangles 26.6.12

Tanuja is a bc1 suri daughter for Teegan and Leopard. better pics to come.


Whissla 24.6.12

Whissla is a Bc1 suri daughter for Whisper and Harley. better pics to come..

Labibi Rainbow 21.6.12

Labibi is a F1 suri daughter for Lolita and leopard

Ranger 15.6.12

Ranger is a Bc2 Suri son for Ramani and Leopard. He is full brother to show winner Ramiro, see previous cria page.


Harper 13.6.12 

Harper is a F1 suri daughter for Hope and Leopard.


Harlequin 8.6.12

Harley is a Bc1 suri, son for Anezka and Harley.


 Zeppelin 5.6.12

Zeppelin is a BC1 suri male, son for Zena and Harley.

Leopard Junior (L.J) 31.5.12

LJ is a Bc1 suri son for Freya and Leopard. He is full brother to Finnigan see previous cria page.



Click on thumbnails to see bigger versions.


Sweet Esperanza 7.1.12

Bc1 Suri, daughter for Silky Empress and Leopard

Chandelier 7.1.12

Daughter for Chamois and Trinity

Barney 11.1.12

Bc1 Suri, Son for Bronzebelle and Amadeus (outside studmale)

Sonny 5.2.12

Son for Baby(Starburst) and Sparrow.

Astro 7.2.12

Baby Alpama

Son for Altaria and Jareth

Diego 8.2.12

Bc1 Suri, Son for Dakota and Chimu

Jedd 9.2.12

Baby Suri Alpama

Son for Jirachi and Chimu

Gallileo 21.2.12

Bc2 Suri, Son for Goldilocks and Leopard.

Kalahari 24.2.12

Daughter for Kya and Trinity.

Fiorella 25.2.12

Bc2 Suri, Daughter for Finlay and Leopard.

Surskitt 25.2.12

Bc2 Suri, son for LadySpice and Leopard.

Chester 27.2.12

Son for Charmer and Trinity

Astrid 29.2.12

F1 Suri, Daughter for Astekka and Sparrow

Amity 1.3.12

F1 Suri, Daughter for Avril and Leopard

Lulus and Leopards Daughter 1.3.12

Bc1 Suri, Born with use of only one lung, died the next day.

Lorenzo 2.3.12

Pure Suri, Son for Lainey and Leopard

Amaretti Sparkles 2.3.12

Bc1 Suri, Daughter for Anika and Leopard.

Sahara 2.3.12

Daughter for Sassari and Trinity

Guinevere 5.3.12

Daughter for Georgie and Jareth

Bonnies and Leopard son,

Bc1 Suri, suffered a very difficult birth, and died the next day.

Hirani 17.3.12

Bc1 Suri, Daughter for Hilayna and Leopard.

Fabian 25.3.12

Son for Fascination and Jareth

Khaleesi 28.3.12

F1 Suri

Daughter for Kalipso and Leopard

Arrow 31.3.12

Son for Amy and Harley

Teekah 4.4.12

Bc1 Suri

Daughter for Tamikaa and Leopard

Ashanti 8.4.12

Bc2 Suri

Daughter for Abbey and Leopard

Grover 12.4.12

F1 Suri

Son for Gellybean and Leopard

Willow 13.4.12

Daughter for Wizma and Sparrow

Tango 20.4 12

Bc1 Suri

Son for Taylor and Leopard

Elijah 22.4.12

Bc1 Suri

Son for Emzlee and Harley

Sienna 25.4.12

Bc2 Suri

Daughter for Serenity and Leopard

Giselle 2.5.12

Bc1 Suri

Daughter for Gallateo and Harley

Adelle 15.5.12

F1 Suri

Daughter for Amelia and Leopard

Terk 15.5.12

Bc2 Suri

Son for Tallara and Chimu

Marcell 18.5.12

Bc1 Suri

Son for Mahla and Harley

Denny 20.5

Son for Damsel and Jareth

Tiffany 21.5.12

Bc2 Suri

Daughter for Tarooza and Chimu

Zillion 23.5.12

Bc2 Suri

Son for Zazu and Leopard

Sultan 28.5.12

Pure suri

Son for Incan Spice and Leopard

Mishka 28.5.12

Bc1 Suri

Daughter for Maddy and Leopard







Alpaca Cria, both Suri and Huacaya, some Solids, Roans, Appaloosa, Multi / Fancy, assortment of colours and markings, born and bred here at Painted Pines Alpaca Stud, Lyndoch S.A




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