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please look at the links towards the bottom of this page, if your new to alpacas and want to know more..

Fleeces for sale, raw straight off the alpacas back prices from $17 per fleece.

If your looking for a shearer, here is a list of SA shearers that travel
Animals for sale have been split into 3 pages,
to see Males for sale Click here
Females for sale Click here
Roz rolling
Gimme a kiss mum


Rux attacks Whisper

L/Surskitt, R/Amity

If your thinking about buying alpacas, and want to know what you need, what they'll need, etc more information can be found here

For information about reproduction

Mating behavior


Body condition score


As Herd Guards


Vitamins they NEED



Poisonous plants


If your thinking about breeding alpacas, or want to buy a pregnant female. I recommend buying this book, it has saved many of my cria's life here, ABC for alpaca owners

You can also buy anything you need for your alpacas from there store ADE, Needles, Suringes etc.

Another good online place I order from is

And the very best fitting halters made specifically for alpacas are called ZEPHYR halters, I buy mine from here, and they arrive in a week and are excellent quality and price.


I buy my feed and vitamins etc, from Gawler Stock Feeds. 12 main north road, Gawler SA 5118.              Ph 85221458.




I also often have animals for sale that are not yet on the website, so if your looking for something in particular just ask.

If you see something you like on the sales page, please contact me to organise a time to come and meet them in person!

 My animals are part of my family, and MUST go to loving homes only. Single animals will only be sold to those with other alpacas, Being a herd animal they can fret and die if kept alone. Alpacas work best as stock guards if you have a pair of them.

I am always open to after sales advice for every alpaca sold, and even if you have a problem with an animal you bought else where, I am happy to help out with Advice where ever I can!

AAA Transfers are purchasers cost, if needed.

I am very honest in my descriptions on the animals, as well as any issues or health problems they have had. If you want to know anything in particular, just ask!

I will NOT take cria from there mothers for you to hand rear, so please do not ask as my response may offend.






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