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Most alpacas love people, they have a very curious and inquisitive nature, young cria will follow you from a distance, curious to find out just what your up to. ( -starburst)
Most of my alpacas love people, some more than others, and they are used to kids, I have 3, and they are often out with them doing something.
Click on the thumbnails to see bigger pics.

Yaz with weanling boys

Loki and Starburst

Starburst kissing Loki

Leo and Loki

Loki and Baby

Loki and Barbosa

Loki Wooper & Kane

Yaz feeding Artica

Yaz feeding Artica

Chelsea with Jarrah

Holly with Wooper

Loki and Leo

Loki and Leonardo

Aaliyah and baby Leonardo

Aaliyah and baby Leonardo

Loki and Sophie

Yaz and Dimmer

Yaz, Loki and Starburst

Loki and Conan

Loki and Sunte

Yaz and Scooter

Loki and Captain Jack Sparrow

Loki and Barbosa

Tessa, Hetty and Barbosa


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