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Taffy 16.8.14 IAR 207285
Chansy 24.8.14 iar 207286


Livia 21.7.14 iar 207276


Alana 27.7.14 iar 207280
Fauna 21.7.14 iar 207277




Maximus, Gorgeous appy male will be reg, $600 ON HOLD







Black Rock 1.8.14 iar 207284







Aishta IAR 194775 1.4.13
Fuzzy butt Buffy DOB 24.8.14 IAR 207287
Meznar iar 199517 DOB 5.7.14


Ramona Koala Pants 15.7.13 IAR 194781 ONHOLD


Bonnie IAR 79099 DOB 1.1.06 ONHOLD


masala and angus
Sadzi 166221 DOB 25.1.11  with daughter Sudoku


Krull The Warrior King IAR 194772 DOB 22.3.12


Pieta DOB 26.3.02 iar 62166 Pascali DOB 27.3.14 Reg pending


Spotai Nougat POA DOB 9.11.13 IAR 199501


Tequila Sunrise
Gelly Bean iar 73060 dob 16.1.05


Kritzle Reg pending DOB 10.2.13 And her mym Kya


Selenia 177559 31.3.11


Luxio 151673 16.12.11


Zahra 169130 9.6.2010


Charmer IAR 156073 DOB 16.3.2009


Painted Pines LJ Leopard Junior. Iar 189183 Dob 31.5.12


Avenger 27.2.13


Anezka IAR 169162 26.6.10 Azarchi 19.6.14 iar 199514


Lady Spice  IAR 49246 DOB 19.5.03 With Squeak at foot

Ewok New years dad baby, 1.1.14


Jaffa 162080 10.6.10 and daughter Jingle


Kalipso 137779 3.3.08 and baby girl kaleidoscope


lack Myst IAR 119108 DOB 15.10.06 and white suri male son Makka dob 28.12.12
Black Myst is a lovely girl, she is black but has sun bleached tips she has a white nose and chin. She is a F1 suri, she is a loving mother, gets pregnant easy and holds her condition well. Her first son was a stunning jet black male suri Malachi(no pic) out of a black huacaya, 2nd was Mattias Fawn suri boy out of Chimu, 3rd was suri daughter Mesprit out of Jareth, 4th was daughter huacaya Machiko out of Harley. She has now had a solid white suri male to a grey father. Cria is free with her, unregistered.  Her 6th fleece tested at 21.9 Micron SD 3.8. She would be a great addition to the coloured suri enthusiast.
She is now pregnant to Silk King a pure suri male, she should produce a show quality cria from that pairing.
$800 pregnant with male cria at foot.


Kismet 27.10.11
Kismet is a real cutie, she is a suri Alpama, her mum is Alicia and Dad Chimu. Quite a surprise coming from 2 whites! More pics of her as a baby on the Llama page. She will make a nice pet, or future breeding either Alpacas or Llamas. Her first fleece tested at only 17.7 micron with SD 3.2 which is amazing, and is Ultrafine in the alpaca world.


Malibu 7.1.14
Malibu is a bc1 suri, daughter or Misty Cloud who has given me 5 girls, so i dont need Malibu. Her father is Silk King. She will be ready to leave once weaned @ July.
$1000 or cheaper if sold with another animal


Mace & Bliz


Loritta 117296 24.5.6
Loritta is a F1 suri, she has blue eyes, isnt deaf and throws beautiful cria. Her cria this year is white with a spot, ( lleyton) her previous cria are also for sale on this page, Lexi and Luxio. Loritta is pregnant to Leopard and will be due from Feb 2014-May.
WAS $1000 now $650!!

Banjo 22.2.13


Renzo and Gawain


vril and Astekka, @ 5yrs old and 3yrs old. Mother and Daughter.
Khaleesie and Giselle
Haley iar 143101 dob 2.2.08


Painted Pines Spotai Fandago 15.1.11 IAR 170939


Fergus and Tarantino
Lachi and Gideon
Willow 184119 13.4.12
Lexi 175981 dob 5.9.10
Lollipop 125351 19.12.06



Sienna 184120 25.4.12
Sienna is a Bc2 suri daughter of Leopard. Her mum is a multi also, so she should throw broken colours. She is still quite small so would need some more growing time before breeding. So is being sold more for a small pet, incase she never grows out properly.


Mesprit 170936 3.1.11
Savannah 177551 21.3.11
Adelle dob 15.5.12 iar 1889177
Keesha 151672 dob 9.12.11

Incan Sultan iar 189181 28.5.12

Napoleon IAR 189192 11.8.12


Levi and Lleyton
Chamois and Chokito iar 42048 12.3.04, 22.1.13


Captain Jack Sparrow,


Pi'lar IAR 170937 DOB 3.1.11


Hope IAR 152571 DOB 10.11.08





Peninnah 13.11.11 IAR 177579


Pistachio and Barkley

Theana DOB 1.05.03 IAR 53156 and female cria at foot Amazon 2.3.13
Hirani IAR 184114 DOB 17.3.12


Pommeroy @ Chadwick

Hilayna IAR 158281 DOB 15.12.09
Guinevere IAR 184112 5.3.12

Delilah DOB 3.3.12 IAR 182162


Damsel IAR 162083 DOB 20.7.09Whisper IAR 169127 DOB 11.5.10

DUe May 2013 and June2013.

Harper DOB 13.6.12
Jaffar 3.8.12
herezade IAR 177570 DOB 16.6.11
Whissla 24.6.12
Mackenna DOB 2.11.12



Marcell 18.5.12
Icy Haze IAR 177571 DOB 21.6.11



Ramiro  Surskitt

Denny 20.5.12

Hidalgo Pure Llama



Bridgit IAR 118 059 DOB 20.2.07 and Breeana 13.10.12
Swablu 4.2.11
& Azelf 19.2.11


Serenity  IAR 118113 21/2/07


Zeppelin 5.6.12
Zeppelin is a stunner, look at that fleece! Stunning and great coverage from head to toe.
Tango 20.4.12
Grover 12.4.12


Georgie IAR 44248 24.5.01


Smarty pants

Sweety and Polly

WP and Kim


Nadine and Eve


Rebecca and Astrid

Cherokee DOB 25/1/10 &

 Trajeii IAR 158287 20.2.10 & Garcia IAR 161554 DOB  3.12.09
Chester 27.2.12 &
Asher 26.12.11 IAR 151675


Zazu Aaliyah


Alpama pair, Astro and Jedd

Sambucca and Elektra


Linkin DOB 23.12.11 IAR 151674 and Sonny DOB 5.2.12

Tallara IAR 158289 DOB 1.4.10 & Terk 15.5.12, Amy and Arrow

Evangalene and Sahara 2.3.12 and Sassari


Tarooza, Tiffy and Rhianna

Blade IAR 138206 DOB 5.3.09



Terena DOB 3.12.11 IAR 151671
Alicia Pure bred pregnant Llama female, DOB 27.12.04




Fin and Hunter

 Shebao DOB 28.7.09 IAR 162086
Tinkerbelle  IAR 61277 DOB 11.4.03



Dakota and Diego






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